Speedrunning: The Dromologue’s Equivalent to Walkthrough


Codecademy: The current evolutionary stage of learning


Annotation: Though I feel the headline for this post is incorrectly titled after further study of electracy, I do feel this website I featured resonated well with the article by Ulmer.  In particular, Ulmer lists how ancient philosophers didn’t invent the written language, but structured the applications in which the medium might be used.  This website shows the movement from literacy to electracy, from method to style.


I used to be a “Gamers-only” meme, but then I took an Arrow in the Knee


Annotation: Spreadability and stickiness isn’t a unique to only a few memes; in truth, at least one subgroup can find entertainment in one of the least popular memes.  This meme stuck out because it showed true networking between communities of users from outside of the general gamer community.  Even television shows have used the meme, showing the true impact that user-generated content can have on different communities throughout technology culture.



Community-created viral memes


Have your mouse ready when you open this link!!!

Annotation: This post may also pertain heavily to Jenkins’ Spreadability article, but I believe it goes beyond that.  It is a great example of digital curation within the online community, as it shows ways in which contributors, both amateur and professional, make efforts to expose new concepts and artistic forms, as well as the communities and memes built around these media forms.  By creating this Zerg Rush game, Google was able to “tell a story using new, creative methods” as we discussed in class.  They helped curate a better understanding of the gaming community and how unique of an experience it can be to belong to such a community for the uninitiated masses.


Day[9], See More in My Blog!




Annotation: Especially after the weeks of readings we have analyzed (I posted this towards the beginning of the class) do I see Day[9] as someone that personifies the goals of participatory culture.  He has structured his own media ecology within the Starcraft II community; there is little in the scene that he has not been involved in.  He literally encompasses the network of users, from professional players to loyal fans to even the creators of remix media.  The video below shows a parody video featuring his voice for nearly all of the characters.  He has shown the limits one can reach when curating a participatory culture.