Centralized Gaming Stream Viewing

Their message:

Twitch is the world’s leading video platform and community for gamers with more than 45 million visitors per month. We want to connect gamers around the world by allowing them to broadcast, watch, and chat from everywhere they play.

Twitch not only provides a way for players to network with other fans and content contributors for the games they love, but provide a way for major game designers and up-and-coming companies to feature their games for viewers to see what they are working on.  Players can show what kind of other content they have made using preexisting games, from machinima to mods, walkthroughs to competitions.

Annotation: Twitch exudes participatory culture in every respect.  It serves as a central medium for the gaming community to consume and produce media simultaneously, as well as develop ways to benefit both themselves and the companies of the games they play, while maintaining their position outside the market sphere.  This is outlined in Jenkin’s articles regarding communities of users and couldn’t fit better, as a key word in the dossier of Twitch is to “connect” individuals seeking common goals.


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